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Due to COVID-19, school is now closed for most pupils with the exception of our key worker and vulnerable children.    

For these groups we are still open between 9.00am - 3.30pm and we are offering the approach of 'Enrich and Enjoy' - a range of fun Maths and English activities in the morning and some creativity in the afternoon.   If you need to make use of this then please make sure you contact school by email.

This webpage provides a cross section of information to help you support learning at home and provide guidance and support for well-being.   

Before Easter,  Westgate Learning Information Packs were distributed to all children and where needed we will continue to provide some packs where we can if on-line technology is proving difficult to manage. Please let us know about this.

Each year group has their own specified on-line page, and content for Maths and English will be provided and uploaded through these each week.   If you look to the right you will click on home learning resources and choose your year group.  We might even upload some video tutorials to demonstrate some learning intentions and allow some examples to be shared - through the website or Facebook.

If you look through the well-being pages there is a wealth of excellent information and I hope that you will find this useful.

If you do need to contact school or have any questions about home learning then email school using: