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The Green Room

At Westgate Academy, we believe in ensuring that every child has the opportunity to achieve, at any level.  Some children find school challenging for various reasons, and we always try to ensure they are given a chance to succeed regardless of their background. Within school, we have developed the GREEN ROOM to help support this need. 

 Mrs Hammett and Miss Fox lead the GREEN ROOM, and they work with a range of children to help them approach school positively, and ensure they are provided with a safe environment to learn and produce some fantastic learning. They organise nurture groups for children to help develop specific skills, including: respect, making the right choice, friendship, appreciation, listening, as well as good manners. Children experience these qualities in various ways, including through cooking, creative projects, as well as writing letters! 

Transition groups are another key element of this provision, and are an essential provision to ensure these transition periods are as seamless as can be expected.